The Secret to Living to 100


You can live up to 100 years and beyond. Some have done it, you can too. What are the secrets, though? The answer isn’t that straightforward, but there are a couple of strategies you can adapt to live to see your old age. Your genes, how much you exercise, as well as your diet, all contribute to how long you will live.

While there are longevity tips that are based on science and certain beliefs, it’s important to study the exceptional strategies of individuals who didn’t just survive but lived well for years into old age. When you read about people like Gladys Gough, Emma Morano, Susannah Mushatt Jones and their clique who lived well over 100 years, you definitely want to know how that happened, right? What kind of food were they eating? Were they exercising? Were their lifestyles the same or each one has her unique story?

By getting an answer to these questions, you enhance your understanding of health among other human functional capacities that help to sustain your mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

However, there is a need to be in charge of your own life if you’re to employ the best strategies for long life.

Here are a few secrets of living until you hit 100.

Eating the Right Food

Focusing on a healthy diet is an essential step to living longer. While there are significant nutrients in most foods, processed and unprocessed, you need to consider their nutritional value before consuming these particulars. To establish a foundation for a longer life, take a diet that plays a crucial role in keeping your muscles strong. There are different categories of meals you can take each day, including fruits, vegetables among others.

Go for great options that remedy major health risks you’re likely to face. Remember to cut out processed foods with added sugar and harmful contents. Such categories can cause greater risk to your health and may lead to such conditions as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Ensure you utilize the common none toxic natural products and recommended supplements to boost your health. If you’re not sure about what to eat, consult a dietitian.

Embrace Physical Fitness

Working out is important to the overall body health, especially in fostering the state of human cells. You can only achieve this by building a routine and sticking to it. Moreover, a friendly workout program and a team for proper guidance and motivation is of great help. Leave alone the fitness activities that seem unachievable and focus on basics that can foster a healthy life. In fact, you neither need a gym nor do you need to participate in those intense exercises to keep fit. Something as simple as walking could just be one of the exercises that will see you make great fitness progress. Run with your pets around the yard or spend time peddling along the pavement a couple of times a weekly. Workouts can lower risks of suffering life-threatening diseases. You will also be able to give your metabolism a hand and maintain a healthy weight.

Seek Medical Attention 

Managing your overall health is essential. You need to know when to ask for professional help. Visiting a therapist is beneficial since most people may not realize major life problems or stressors that may affect them. If you start noticing unusual symptoms that impact your daily functioning, you need to find support from a medical professional. Do not avoid seeing a doctor regularly for checkups to give you the power of prevention and a better picture of your health status. Medical professionals will help to screen for medical risks that may need attention without your knowledge.

Improve Your Social Life

The way you spend your social life will play a role in how long you live. The community around you will make you feel worthy of living or purposeless. What this says is that you need to take control of the category of people you hang around. It doesn’t just end with the people you live around, your person must also be strong. This is difficult if you don’t personally understand your purpose in life.

While family and friends are important in making you feel supported and worth living, you should not be dragged to practices that may cause dissatisfaction and other negative thoughts. You need to find a way to have inner peace to help you manage your relationships, moods, and situation. With inner peace, your overall health will also improve. Ensure that your social life is stable. Do what you love, make meaningful connections and new friends to live a happy and long life.

Stress Management Practice

Developing a stress management practice is crucial to living a long life. Some people may misunderstand the concept of managing stress by involving in unhealthy practices like smoking, excessive drinking, and yelling at people. You need to figure out productive strategies for stress management. Consider things like physical workouts, visiting a therapist, or journaling. You will find great success by managing stress hence a step to a longer life.

If you have a strong desire to live to 100, you need to stick to the relevant strategies that enhance a healthy and happy life. You should ensure that you understand the health and other functional capacities that will keep you flourished while aging.


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