The Pretty Sad Truth About Detox Tea

The Pretty Sad Truth About Detox Tea

Whether watching television or reading through your social media timeline, you’re likely to come across some celebrity promoting some detox tea. These promotions come with promises of a flat tummy and weight loss among other benefits that are quite enticing.

Granted, most of these celebrities have well-trimmed bodies that many people admire. So they know telling you it’s some detox tea doing all the magic is likely to influence you to buy the tea. In their advertisements, they always want you to believe that these detox teas, also know as teatox, will give you the Kendall Jenner tummy in a matter of days.

Who doesn’t want that properly trimmed body anyway?

If the teatox is affordable, bring it on…

Questions People Ask About Detox Tea

When you watch these celebrity commercials, you’re likely to ask yourself some questions. The number one question is whether detox tea is really effective and reliable as advertised. How long does it take before you start experiencing changes? Are the positive effects long term? Does it have any side-effects? If these questions aren’t properly answered, you’re likely to become hesitant.

If you run a quick search online and come across Jameela Jamil salvos against teatox, you’d take these products for nothing more than some fad or hoax to defraud people of their money.

Still, the question that lingers is whether or not detox is effective.

The Truth About Detox Tea

Many doctors have warned against detox, saying they contain ingredients that lower your appetite and have the effects of a laxative. There is no scientific backing on the claims made by detox tea manufacturers, which also adds to fears that these products could be nothing but harmful to the body.

With the massive research already conducted on detox tea, there is no need to speculate on whether or not they’re effective.

Talking about these Detox teas, Dr. Vincent Pera of Center for Weight and Wellness says that the caffeine contained in most of these products has the potential of raising the heart rate and spiking one’s anxiety. That makes detox tea with caffeine dangerous for someone already suffering from a cardiac illness, high blood pressure or any psychiatric illnesses.

The Pretty Sad Truth About Detox Tea - Cup of Tea

Moreover, most of these Teatoxes contain Garcinia, also known to contain Malabar tamarind, Cambogia, and hydroxycitric acid, which the WebMD has sternly warned against as having serious side effects if consumed over a long period of time. Several reports have indicated that detox teas could also cause digestive problems, headache, and nausea. And because not so much is clear about these detox teas, more so because they’re not under any requirement to seek Food and Drug Administration approval, pregnant women are particularly warned to stay away from them.

Although not based on any specific research, there are many women who’ve reported getting pregnant despite being on the Pill when they took the detox tea. Scientifically, the tea’s laxative effect is said to lower the effectiveness of the Pill. Despite all these shadows hanging over these products, their brands never include any such important information on their packages.

Health and weight loss experts know quite well that it takes reasonable effort to lose weight in a healthy way. As such they’re asking why detox tea is advertised as delivering results that are too good to be true. Isn’t this a pointer enough that there is more than meets the eye?

The Lie of The Weight Loss

When losing weight, one of the most important and healthy weight loss results is cutting down on body fat. Unfortunately, these detox teas won’t help you lose fat. The effect is basically the loss of water weight. The problem with this is that as soon as your body gets re-hydrated, the weight comes back. What this tells us is that detox tea only has a temporary effect yet its usage is likely to expose you to several other health risks.

Without giving unrealistic promises, experts say that the best and most effective way to lose weight and enjoy the longest positive effects is sticking to a balanced diet and following a physical exercise regimen. The detox tea is only a good trap for those who’re not ready to take the pragmatic approach to weight loss but are looking for a quick fix to a clearly serious issue.


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