Fish Oils – The Ease Of Saying Goodbye To Calories 


Fish oils due to the vast benefits they provide have created a separate market for themselves. Not only do they aid in healthy brain, heart, and joints, but they are also considered highly beneficial for losing those extra pounds. They are not just good for your heart but also good for the waistline.  Fish oils are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, our bodies are unable to form these fatty acids and they have to indulge in our diets; fish oils are the rich source of them. 

One of the biggest reasons why fish oils have created such a big market is the calories they save up. Anyone of us who are trying to lose weight knows that its all about the calories, Fish oils do exactly that, fish oils contain fewer calories than any other cooking oils. 1 serving of cod liver fish oil contains just 41 calories. 

Fish oil offers you fewer calories intake aiding in weight loss with minimum diet and exercise. It is a small change leading to big visible results.

How Does Fish oil help to lose weight?

  • Fat storage cells into fat-burning cells

A study in Japan showed that fish oils converted the fat storage cells into fat-burning cells in mice, helping in weight loss. This prevents fat accumulation and weight gain over time.

  • Activation of receptors

Fish oils activate the receptors of the digestive tract and nervous system, which encourage the metabolism of fat resulting in reducing the size.

  • Decreasing your appetite

If you get hungry very quickly and this hurdles your weight loss journey, fish oils are your go-to thing. Fish oils reduce the appetite by releasing a hormone called serotonin. Serotonin is known for regulating hunger, it reduces the hunger ultimately making you feel full for longer and not wanting to consume those calories. 

  • Minimize Fat Storage

Fish oils increase insulin sensitivity. They increase the cell receptors ability to bind to insulin, so the body will burn more stored fat instead of the sugars you get from carbohydrates thus helping in weight loss.

  • Increases Metabolism

The omega-three fatty acids found in fish oils increase the metabolic rate thus increasing the number of calories you burn daily. The higher your metabolic rate, the more fat you burn and easier it is for you to keep that weight off.

  • Boost the effect of Exercise

Fish oils not only increase the calories you burn daily but also increase the number of calories you burn during exercise. This is because fish oils change your bodies source of energy when you consume fish oil the body uses fats instead of carbohydrates as a source of energy fuel. 

  • Build Muscles

Fish oils play an essential role in building body muscle, they reduce the body’s fat percentage. When you step on the scale and it shows no progress, it may be because you have built body muscle and lost body fat. Doctors suggest that it is important to lose body fat instead of losing weight. A way to examine this is by measuring your body inches. Fish oil may help you reduce inches from the waist and go down in clothing size.

Which Fish oil should you use?

Choosing which product to choose from the large variety available in the market can be confusing. It’s important that you use high-quality fish oil, the low-quality fish oils come with chemicals, impurities, and pesticides. Making sure you choose the concentrated fish oil would be the right decision, it means it will contain more omega-three fatty acids per serving.

Fish Oil Dosage

There are many ways to consume fish oil, you can consume them in your foods while cooking or the easier way of consuming is fish oil supplements or fish oil drops. Determining how much fish oil you should take is easy, you just need to look at the supplement fact label on the product bottle. 

Bottom line; Do they aid in weight loss

They are a rich source of omega-three fatty acids which have many benefits including weight loss. They increase the metabolic rate and aid in burning more calories daily. 

However, for the people who want to lose more than just a couple of pounds should include fish oils in their diets, fish oil along with healthy diet and daily exercise will fasten up the weight loss and will keep the weight off. 


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