Art Therapy 101

Art Therapy 101
Art Therapy 101

Art is both fun and healing. Its therapeutic capability is unquestionable. Most psychologists use it to read the inner feelings of their patients. Whether intentional or unintentional, people tend to express what they feel and think through art. One can only imagine and apply what actually comes from within. For instance, a drawing may tell the inner thoughts of someone who’s worried or even stressed.

As a way of communication, art can help a person release emotional tension. It has been used successfully by therapists on patients who are undergoing a trauma or other severe emotional hurdles. There are several different categories of art that you can use. While in some cases a therapist can recommend one, someone who’s physically, mentally and emotionally stable can still use them for a better and refreshing life.

Here are simple and proven ideas you can explore to exploit the therapeutic aspects of art by yourself.

Mind Therapy With Yoga

With so much stretching coupled with breathing, this will help your mind a great deal. The concentration by focusing on balancing your body makes the mind still and relaxed. It’s a way of quieting your thoughts and freeing your head. You don’t need to be flexible to do this. Just do it to the best level your muscles can sustain.

Art Therapy 101

Stories take us to the imaginary world.

They excite the mind and take you through a range of emotions. When doing this, just choose simple tales that are within your culture and religion. Make it simpler for your audience to relate with and understand the storyline. At story time, people laugh, feel sad or even think critically. All these effects have some impact on their emotional and subsequently physical lives. A storyteller should, therefore, have a target audience and understand fully what he or she would like to teach them or influence their emotional lives. A clear understanding of this would guide the storyline and help the writer get the most suitable content.

Dance Therapy

We all love dancing whether we do it in secret or in public. The unity of mind, body, and spirit that dance brings is healing and rejuvenating. In addition to making you fit physically, dancing is also a great way of releasing our emotions, ideas, and feeling thus helping you release stress and relax your body and mind. It doesn’t have to be complicated like break-dance for it to work out. Just try simple moves that you are comfortable with.

Still, if you are good at the complicated moves just do them. They all work the same. Dance to any tune of your choice and call it a day.

Music Therapy

Music is soothing to the soul. It has a way of reaching and speaking to the heart. It possesses the power to make you feel better and get better day after day. Someone in pain can listen to it and feel relieved. If you are stressed or in pain, just play your favorite list and all shall be bright once again. The message that’s in the music also matters. Therefore, when you’re creating a selection, make sure you pick the ones that will give you emotional and spiritual healing instead of those that would end up causing further damage to your being.


Drawing is a great way to express your emotions.

Whether you’re talented or not, you can still benefit from drawing. Drawing helps to capture your heart and mind and frees you from stressful thoughts and sad emotions. While drawing, you realize that your attention is on the piece you’re creating. This will help you keep unwanted thoughts at bay.

Art Therapy 101

Writing Poems

There is hidden power in writing what you feel. If you are an introvert, then this is good for you. Sometimes you can’t speak out what goes on in your heart. However, you can express your feelings through a poem. It’s like talking to your book.

In addition to this, you can keep a personal journal. Most literary works have been inspired by people’s emotions and thoughts. You may become the next poet by doing this. On the other hand, reading other people’s poems can also help you handle emotional and spiritual challenges. Poetry can help you get a new realization in life. It can influence your thoughts and inspire you to take a new and better direction in life. Because of its power, you’re advised to be careful about the kind of poems you read.

Feeling depressed? Try these arts to heal your mind and heart.


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