Are Avocados Really A Diet Food?


Avocados are without a doubt, one of the most delicious and nutritional fruits on Earth. It is really a true blessing as they are rich in nutrients and nowadays used in everything. Whether its salad, wraps or smooth chocolate brownies. One of the most important benefits of avocados which give them the limelight is they help in weight loss. Is it really true?

Nutritional facts about Avocados:

Avocados are a rich source of vitamins, minerals, fibers and some good healthy fats that our body requires. They only contain 9 grams of carbs which is because of the fiber. But, a half avocado in total contains 160 calories. Yes, that’s right.

Avocados are the best fruit to have but not for weight loss:

We do not say that it is not nutritional but the whole point of weight loss goes in failure. It contains 77% calories which are fats. So, how can such a fruit be the best way of losing your weight? It contains the type of fats which are also found in olive oil. These fats are healthy and it is the only reason avocados contributes to fewer heart diseases. But it also shows that the presence of oleic acid in avocados lipids turn to be healthy and beneficial for the body. So, this was the good part which happens to make avocado our favorite. The avocado diet also contains total 8% cholesterol and LDL particles which tells us that they are not the diet of weight loss.

What’s the secret of avocados then?

So, let’s talk about why still people prefer it? And what was the stimulus that was making people think that avocados help in weight loss? Avocados have a tendency to make people feel fuller. Therefore, you won’t feel hungry. The amount of cholesterol is less and your body is enjoying the healthy fats. It is an important point that one should know. Healthy fats are important for our body. The avocados complete the body requirements and don’t make you feel hungry at all. Therefore, it is the most trending food item which is the miracle of weight loss.

Avocados can help a little to maintain your weight:

When you are on a diet, they help in maintaining your weight. You get the good fats your body requires and it is actually proven by the nutritional patterns of American people. Those people who take avocados in their diet can maintain their weight longer than the people who don’t. This is the main reason that put avocados back in the diet food. Other than that, it is a false statement that there are no calories in avocados. So, a person can take it by keeping that in mind that they are controlling weight gain. They also keep your mood light and happy. For instance, when we eat food with a lot of calories like pizza and burger it does affect our other systems too. The fats which we need should be healthy which keeps the body system work properly. So, one can eat avocados by avoiding other foods so they can maintain their weight.

How to eat avocados in diet food?

It is one of the most important things that you need to keep in mind as eating avocados in a large amount can turn bad. As they contain a high amount of fats. Our body requires a low amount for an effective human system but the other calories are stored as fats in the body. So, eat in moderation according to your weight. A medium avocado is more than enough for one person serving.

Bottom line: Are they friendly or not?

So, the whole discussion was to conclude that are they friendly or they turn out to be fattening. They are fattening if you happen to eat them a lot as they taste good too. But if you are eating in a good manner then they are friendly to eat and you will feel healthy and fresh.

So, eat healthy if you really want to maintain your health and weight as obesity can cause a lot of problems. By eating good fruits like avocado, you can stop obesity and still feel fuller. You will feel good as your body will feel good too.


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