7 Weird Ways Of Weight Loss


Staying fit and looking best is what we all want, but it doesn’t come that easy. It is a long tiresome process, most of us lose hope in between and go back to our old habits. Are you also tired of hard exercises, counting calories and hard diets to lose weight? We have 7 weird ways for you to lose weight. Do not worry most of them are back up by scientific studies;

  • Cold Therapy

Who knew using cold water could be a method of losing weight. The cold temperature detoxifies the body, fits the sagging skin and increases the blood flow resulting in reducing the weight in just a few sessions. Many celebrities are using this therapy to keep their bodies in good shape, so if you want to lose those stuck pounds, it’s time for some cold showers.

  • Hot Therapy 

Those of you who don’t like cold showers, we have the alternative for you; the Hot Therapy. A study found that taking a hot bath once a day burns as many calories as hours of workout a day. Hot baths not only aid in weight loss but also reduces blood sugar level. It is a great way to realize all that day long stress. Warm baths also reduce the risk of chronic inflammation. 

  • Sit in front of a mirror

Place a mirror in front of your dining table, so whenever you sit to eat you can see your reflection in that mirror. Seeing yourself in the mirror is the reality check you need. You will be aware of your weight loss worries and your goals, which will reduce your food intake and will push you to eat the right foods. A study has shown that people who eat in front of mirrors consume 33% less food than those who don’t. 

  • Blue all around

Have you ever noticed that restaurants are never decorated blue? Do you know why no restaurants around your area have blue settings or lights? We know why; Blue acts an appetite suppressant. It reduces food intake and makes the food less appealing. So, surround yourself with blue, get blue plates, blue table cloth, blue pots, and dishes. Have you noticed that instead of blue all restaurants are always decorated red, well that is because studies have shown red to increase eating. 

  • Wear tight clothes

Tight clothes are like a reminder to your body, they make you conscious about yourself. Tight clothes will make you eat less as nobody wants to be uncomfortable in your dress after eating too much. Your tight dress will tell you to stop eating. It will act as your motivator and self-check. If you gain a pound your clothes will tell you and when you will lose a pound your clothes will show you.

  • Smell some Vanilla

We all love desserts and one of the hardest things to let go of when you are trying to lose weight are those sweets. Well, we have the solution for that; Smelling something delicious may actually reduce your sweet cravings. Studies have shown the smelling vanilla reduces the dessert cravings and calm the brain part from where these cravings arise. Smelling vanilla reduces the urge to eat sweets. So, if you have a sweet tooth and sweets are your guilty pleasure then try this out.

  • Workout pills

If you are trying to lose weight, you have heard of them. There are many brands out there making workout pills to lose weight. You just take the pill and it will save you all those long runs and heavy weight lifting. They reduce the appetite, enhance the absorption of nutrients and aid in fat burning causing the same effect that exercise does. However, most of these pills are recommended to people are so obese that they can not exercise at all, they help in bringing down the weight of these people to a  moderate level to where they can exercise and lose the rest of the weight. These pills are also said to not have long term results and people end up gaining back all the weight in some time.

Here are our 7 weird ways to lose weight, if you are tired of those extra pounds, have no time for exercising, then try these out.


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