7 Effects of Exercising Without a Warm Up

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8 Strength Exercises All Beginners Should Learn How to Do

Warming up is an essential part of a fitness program. Most people tend to skip proper warmup because they are pressed for time or perhaps they don’t have adequate knowledge and guidance. When you’re eager to leap into your daily exercises, beware that warming up and cooling down plays a role in your successful fitness and overall health. Warmup routines may involve a few range-of-motion exercises such as lunges, jumping jacks, or simpler tasks like walking while swinging hands or dancing to music. You’ll slowly begin to pick up the pace you need for your fitness program once you’ve warmed up your body. You’ll need to prepare your entire body for vigorous activities.

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Here are seven effects of exercising without a warmup.

1. Muscle or Soft Tissue Injury

In your routine exercise programs, you’re likely to be injured if you drive in without warming up. You’ll be stretching your muscles and body tissues, hence a risk of injury. When your body has been in inactivity or rehabilitation, a warmup is necessary to prepare the muscles and soft tissues for the exercises. Twenty minutes of warming up will help your muscles to counteract the risk of injury. This is because the muscle temperature will increase to help contract and expand more quickly to avoid overstretching and injuries.

2. Reduced Psychological Activity

Warming up is essential for the mind before the actual workout. A person needs positive psychology to keep going, especially during the peak of the workout or sports activity. The brain needs to be prepared to focus on the entire workout period. Failure to warmup may cause reduced concentration during workout hence leading to inactivity and poor performance. The mind will strain to rejuvenate when a person is performing vigorous activities instantly without preparation.

3. Fatigue and Stress

A person is likely to get tired and stressed up quickly when he or she works out without warmup. There are high chances that the muscles won’t stretch and contract properly. Also, the mind will gradually become inactive, resulting in a flood of stress hormones in the entire body. Therefore, your body needs to be prepared adequately to perform well, especially before any sports activity. Performing simple warmups that are similar to your workout will reduce anxiety and stress in mind.  Your blood flow will increase hence improving the performance of muscles and memory.

4. Inhibits Coordination

The nervous system needs to be prepared well to enhance better communication through the entire body. Dynamic warmups such as lunges help to keep the nervous system active, resulting in better performance during the workout. Failure to warm up before exercises may cause less or no stimulation to the central nervous system. This will result in reduced coordination among your body muscles. It’s difficult to perform challenging workouts when your body isn’t having rapid response and swift movements.

5. Reduced Hormonal Changes

When you’re working out without warming up, the hormones that increase the energy levels will stay inactive. These hormones are responsible for making carbohydrates and fatty acids more available to enhance energy production. Hence, you may end up straining even with the simple exercises, and this condition may result in fatigue, muscle injuries, and stress. Also, the process of metabolism in your body will be affected due to hormonal imbalance.

6. Inadequate Blood Flow to The Muscles

Warmups play an essential role to enhance adequate blood flow to the muscles. Skipping your warmup will result in imbalanced blood supply to all body parts. Your cardiovascular system won’t have enough time to perform when you begin doing vigorous exercises without warming up. Have in mind that the changes in the body such as breathing rate, blood flow, and energy-releasing reactions don’t happen all of a sudden.

7. A Reduced Overall Performance

Warming up before a workout is essential for your overall performance. Whether you’re in a casual or competitive workout program, your overall performance won’t be satisfying if the body isn’t well prepared. You’ll not achieve peak results because your motive and energy will last for a short time.


You should not neglect the value of warming up. You’re likely to improve your performance once you prepare your body before undertaking the exercise program. Have in mind that warming up is essential for your overall health and will deliver the results you want.


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