5 Brilliant Recipes For Vegetarians, That You Can Cook in 15 Minutes Or Less

5 Brilliant Recipes For Vegetarians, That You Can Cook in 15 Minutes Or Less
5 Brilliant Recipes For Vegetarians, That You Can Cook in 15 Minutes Or Less

With the rampant increase in lifestyle diseases linked to meat consumption, most people are now turning to be vegetarianism. They’re trying to ensure they eat less meat for better health and increased longevity. The good thing is that there’s a wide variety of foods that vegetarians can take, from proteins and carbs to vitamins. Therefore, even if you don’t eat meat for proteins you’ll still have protein alternatives from plants like legumes. So, becoming a vegetarian doesn’t mean you’ll lack some nutrients; in fact, you’ll get richer protein from the plants.

Planning to take the vegetarian route or you’ve always been a vegetarian? Well, here are some amazing recipes that will excite your taste buds while at the same time supply your body with essential nutrients.

  1.    Avocado & Black Bean Eggs

Begin your day with this yummy veggie breakfast. It only takes 10 minutes to prepare and cook, and even if you wake up late, you’ll still have enough time to get it done. So, what is it made of? The ingredients are simple and very easy to find. You’ll only need eggs, avocado, and black beans, and for better taste, you could add some fresh coriander leaves, garlic, red, and cumin seeds. In most cases, it’s good to prepare a serving for two for easier cooking and preparation. This would mean you use two eggs; 400 grams can black beans, and a small avocado that’s halved and sliced. Together with other basic ingredients like tomatoes, you can now begin the cooking.

  1.    Curried Mango & Chickpea Pot

5 Brilliant Recipes For Vegetarians, That You Can Cook in 15 Minutes Or Less

Want a tasty yet very healthy salad treat? Well, try this salad. It’s easy to prepare and it will only take you 15 minutes to get it served. You can have it for lunch and call it a day, especially for those on a journey to lose weight. Its ingredients aren’t that complicated, you can always find them in the nearest grocery. So, what do you need to have this salad ready to eat? You’ll need a mango, red cabbage, spinach, and chickpea to get started. To make it tastier, you could add some fat-free Greek yogurt and some red chili. You’ll not need a frying pan for this, just mix the ingredients properly in a bowl and you’ll be good to go.

  1.    Avocado Scrambled Eggs With Onions and Cheddar

Kick start your day with this hearty breakfast treat. It’s easy to prepare, and it cooks up in a couple of minutes so you can make it even on a busy weekday morning. The smoothness of the avocado, the tasty grilled onions and the sharpness of the cheddar altogether make a delicious combination on your plate. What’s more? This meal will keep you full for many hours and you may not need to carry in-between-meals snacks. The ingredients are easily available in the food stores around you, so you won’t struggle to get them. So what do you need? A small onion, firm-ripe California avocado, 4 sizeable eggs, grated cheddar, and salted butter will do.

  1.    Tomato Egg Drop Soup

5 Brilliant Recipes For Vegetarians, That You Can Cook in 15 Minutes Or Less

If the hunger pangs are unbearable, then you can get started with this meal as you wait for the main food to get ready. It’s more like an emergency meal. It’s easy to prepare and you’ll only need 10 minutes to get it served on your plate. It’s tasty and full of flavor and easily calms your stomach. The ingredients aren’t hard to find; you can always get them from the nearest grocery. You’ll only need some noodles, fresh tomatoes, and some scallions. The scallions and the fresh tomatoes give this soup an amazing taste.

  1.    Vegetarian Fajitas

Looking for a veggie meal for your family? Well, try these Fajitas that are suitable for the vegetarians. They’re meat-free but still very rich in proteins, so the vegetarian won’t miss any nutrient. They’re loaded with black beans, avocado, and peppers, which not only makes it tasty but also give it a tantalizing appearance. It’s a meal that even the non-vegetarians will appreciate and probably include it in their meal timetables for the days they choose to forego meat. If you taste the Vegetarian Fajitas you’ll most likely take it as often as you can.

If you’re a vegetarian, there are many alternative foods for you. just explore the available options and have amazing mealtime.


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